About us

Intextos is the result of our passion for words and the firm belief that the Internet is, and will be, increasingly important in our future. For this reason, about four years ago we began investing in this area and now we are absolutely proud of the experience achieved.

We treat each text with the attention and precision it deserves, as proof of this, 60% of the companies and professionals who entrusted us continue to have confidence in our capacities and prove it by remitting new jobs to us. Our goal is to establish a relationship that goes beyond the bytes, creating a channel of communication that involves the readers.

To achieve this, we work closely with our clients to identify the key features of their products, find the essence, and so be able to convey it to the readers using the most appropriate style.

The soul and the engine of this project is Jennifer Delgado, a psychologist with extensive experience in the marketing world, publishing and the Internet. Her website Rincón de la Psicología, in Spanish, became a reference point for many professionals in the area.

Our Services

Writing and Copywriting

-Web Content: we write original articles and current issues related to different topics.

-SEO Articles: we realize personalized SEO articles, fluid content that does not devalue the quality of your website and allows you to improve your ranking.

-Blog Posts: we regularly write articles that provide the ideal opportunity to be positioned in search engines, to be echoed inside social networks and attract new customers.

-Press News: we write articles in a journalistic style, perfects for keeping your customers informed respect to the evolution occurring in your company.

-Advertising Articles: whatever your product/service is, we will meet the perfect format to introduce them to your customers.

-Specialized Articles; Ebooks and Manuals: we focus specifically in the areas of Psychology, Pedagogy and Health. That way we guarantee a professional result.


The best translation is the one that does not seems a translation. We are aware of this, and for this reason we never use automatic translators. 

We work with native speaking translators, who know perfectly the meaning and usage of each word in the proper context. In this way, we ensure that the message you want to send will be perceived correctly.

Each text undergoes a meticulous process: once the first translation is finished, the draft passes to the proofreader that goes over it carefully and makes sure that the final style is as much fluent as possible.

Finally, we take care to ensure that the final format be perfectly structured. At this point the book or the article will be ready to be published.

Languages: Spanish, English and Italian

Why should you contract us?

-We work 365 days a year to ensure the fastest delivery possible

-We guarantee the best quality/price ratio on the market, since we do not use intermediaries

-We offer original texts adapted to your audience and realized by specialists in the field

Contact us: jennifer@intextos.com